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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Visitor

Nominated for Best Actor (Richard Jenkins), The Visitor is the story of a college professor and the impact some unexpected friends have on his life. Walter has been living in Connecticut and teaching at the university for 20+ years. His late wife was a concert pianist and he has been searching to bring the music back into his life since her death. One day he is sent to New York City to present a paper at a conference because his co-author has been put on bed-rest for a pregnancy. He goes reluctantly and lets himself into the apartment he owns in the city -- where his wife would stay when she was performing and recording. Walter has not been to the apartment since his wife passed away, although he has maintained the lease. Much to his surprise, someone in the building has rented his apartment out to a young immigrant couple -- Tarek and Zainab. Despite the initial awkwardness of their situation, a friendship blossoms between the trio and changes all their lives.

This was a really good movie with some fine performances. Jenkins' nomination is well-deserved, to be sure. The characters, their development and their interaction are what make this film worthwhile.

Moms, maybe. There is definitely tension, but very little actual violence, and it is a moving story.

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