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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rachel Getting Married

Nominated for Best Actress (Anne Hathaway), Rachel Getting Married is the story of Kym, who returns home from a stint in rehab in order to attend her sister Rachel's wedding. Kym's drug addiction has been the proverbial thorn in the family's side for more years than they can remember. It has overshadowed Rachel's development all her life by making her older sister the focus of all the family's attention. In addition, Kym's addiction was directly responsible for the death of their little brother and indirectly responsible for their parents' subsequent divorce. This big specter, and the way each person reacts to it, overshadows everything in the days leading up to Rachel's wedding until, as is inevitable, it all comes to a head.

Shot with a lot of hand-held camera work that draws you into the scene, and filled with top-notch performances from the entire cast, this film is an uncomfortable tour de force. The situation is so painful, but so real. It's as if you know these people, live with these people, and all you want is to grab them and get them to really talk to each other. It's a dramatic, intense, touching, and very well done movie.

Sorry, Moms, this is another one that you two probably should not see. Other readers, however, especially those intrigued by the concept of Best Actress Nominee Anne Hathaway, should totally check this one out.

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