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Sunday, February 1, 2009


Nominated for Best Animated Feature, Bolt is the story of a girl and her dog...who just happen to be the stars of a popular kids TV show. When Bolt, who believes the TV show to be real, accidentally gets out of the studio and gets lost, he embarks on a continent-spanning quest to be reunited with "his person." Along the way he makes new friends and discovers who he really is and where he belongs in the world.

This film is so cute and such fun! The story is heartwarming and charming with some funny moments mixed in. Sure, there's some tension as Bolt works his way across the country, and as the manipulating agent tries to get Penny to go on with a new dog in Bolt's place, but the movie is so well done that you don't really mind. We had the additional bonus of seeing this movie in 3-D, which was great fun, but the plot stands up well enough on its own that the big screen and the 3-D effects are not necessary to enjoy the film.

Oh, and guess what? Moms, you CAN see this one and you probably should, it's really fun!

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