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Monday, November 9, 2009

Waiting Room

The woman across from me has fabulous sandals.
The kind with those metal discs
- which are supposed to represent antique coins -
and some shiny beads interspersed among them.
Even if I weren't "into" shoes, I'd be staring at them,
because looking any higher in the tiny optometrist's office is entirely too painful
with my eyes as big as a cat's, reacting to every nuance of sunlight.
But it's all right, because I'm fascinated by the shoes.
Her legs are crossed and the foot on the floor is so perfectly fit into the sandal -
I can see why she liked them.
The other sandal dangles carelessly off the foot in the air.
It looks awkward, half-forgotten, and makes me think of other shoes -
probably laying strewn about her closet or bedroom floor -
and I wonder what made her choose the sandals today -
because they're pretty? because it's hot outside? because they were near the door?
What insight would a glimpse at my shoes provide her?