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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Frozen River

Nominated for Best Actress (Melissa Leo) and Original Screenplay, Frozen River is the story of a woman trying to support her family on limited means in upstate New York. When her husband walks out and takes the family's savings, she takes the desperate option of supplementing her meager paycheck by helping smuggle immigrants into the country from Canada. Her partner is a Mohawk named Lila who has been making a living this way for a while. The two women eventually bond over the similarities of the situation.

OK, I've liked Melissa Leo for years, and she was good in this movie, but I wasn't overwhelmed by the performance. In fact, I thought the actor playing her teenage son was the best performer in the movie. The plot is very basic and the other characters, as with Changeling, are fairly stereotypical.

Moms, this is definitely not up your alley. Other readers, choose as you like, I'm rather lukewarm about this one.

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