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Sunday, February 1, 2009


Nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor (Frank Langella), Best Director (Ron Howard), Adapted Screenplay, and Editing, Frost/Nixon is the story of Sir David Frost's famous post-Watergate television interviews with former President Richard Nixon. Based on the stage play, the movie recreates the time and circumstances surrounding the interviews as well as the tapings themselves.

I had really high hopes going into this film and I was not disappointed! Ron Howard has been one of my favorite directors for years and this movie certainly shows his skill -- the pacing is masterful, the shot choices great, and above all, the performances are spectacular. In fact, it's the brilliant acting that really sells the film. Langella's portrayal of Nixon is truly amazing -- definitely Oscar-worthy. Throughout the movie I just kept thinking, "THIS is how it's done."

Moms, make your own call here. It wasn't a great time in history, but it sure is a good movie.

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