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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter Weather

We got snow yesterday. It began overnight from Monday to Tuesday. When I got up Tuesday morning, it looked like we had 2 or 3 inches on the ground and the snow was still coming down -- not heavily, but fairly steadily. The weatherman on TV said that we'd already hit our high temperature and the mercury was falling. Still, it didn't look too bad.

I had just finished my workout and headed into the bedroom to start getting ready for work when the phone rang. It was my boss calling to tell me that they'd decided to suspend production, so I decided to work at home getting a handle on some paperwork...and watching the inauguration, of course.

Anyway, I went outside around 9am and was actually surprised at the snow. It covered all the porches and stairs outside our apartment, the bushes and trees all had fluffy white coats as did the cars still in the lot. When I put my yardstick into the yard, it measured about 6 inches depth.

Today the walkways were cleared as were most of the cars, but when I dug ours out I was amused to find a "ski slope" of snow billowing about a foot out from the car on the driver's side. I brushed it off before I caused an avalanche just opening the door. It took me 20 minutes to clean the car, actually. But, other than some icy patches in the parking lot itself, once I got going the roads were clear. The sun was out all day and, although it was chilly, the snow mostly melted away.

So all's well weather-wise at Chez Loebrich South. To quote The Year Without a Santa Claus: It's gonna snow, ho ho, right here in South Town. Just for one day, hey hey, it's gonna be cold.

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