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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

In Neopia (the land where your virtual pets live, if you play on, December is the Month of Celebrating. It certainly was that here at Chez Loebrich South (and not just for our NeoPets)!

Coming off a fabulous Thanksgiving at the Rickards', December began with Katy singing in two glorious Christmas concerts. There were also several yummy holiday meals with friends. Then we flew to Wisconsin to participate in Mom's and Larry's wedding. While there, we also had the chance to visit with many relatives we hadn't seen in far too long. We flew back to North Carolina (to be welcomed with 65 degree weather, which was a treat after a high of 20 in WI!) and settled in to wrap up the year. On Christmas Day we went to dinner and a movie with our friends Phyllis and Chris. The next day, the Loebrichs arrived, bearing gifts from Ohio. The week they were here we hit the after-Christmas sales, drove out to Replacements Ltd to look at china, and met up with our cousin Amy for a great visit over gelato. We rang in the new year quietly (and early) just the four of us; Mom and Dad headed back home today.

Now, despite colds caught from the crazy weather we've experienced (it's now only 40-ish in NC), we're looking forward to a bright new year. No matter where you are, or what temperature it is there!, we are wishing you love & laughter, health & happiness, propserity & peace in 2009.

Rabbits, rabbits!

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