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Monday, July 1, 2013

Notes from the Road

Safely back from a fabulous family reunion (more on that later), here's a quick post with a few tidbits from our travels!

What should have been a 9 hour drive ended up being 10 to 10 & a half hours thanks to weather, traffic, & an odd choice by our GPS (straight through downtown DC, really?!). But, our after-market stereo performed beautifully & we enjoyed our new SD card of music. Anakin Smart Car also performed beautifully & garnered quite a bit of attention both during the trip & the reunion.

We played Spot the Buick on both legs of the drive, of course. On the way up, we saw 181 Buicks, 31 cops (!!), 4 Smarts, a Lotus, an MG, a classic Thunderbird, a Model-A, a Model-T & a classic pink Cadillac (with fins!).  The last two were both for sale, somewhere along US-15 in between Virginia & the Maryland line, if you're interested! We also saw lots of interesting vanity plates including one that said "red bliss" on a red Toyota Rav-4, the drivers of which proceeded to wave at us & gesture how much they liked our vanity plate!  :-)

On the way back we ended up calling the game around 7ish because the intermittent storms were bringing twilight on sooner than expected and it was getting too dark to see.  Even so, we counted 160 Buicks, 30 cops (!!), 2 Smarts, 2 classic Chevy Bel-Airs (!!), another classic Chevy whose model we couldn't identify, & a Maserati. We also passed an Amish buggy in Pennsylvania, the driver of which turned & smiled at Anakin as we went by. We got a kick out of that!

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