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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Poems From the Fridge

While we were living in our previous apartment, the refrigerator died. The landlord immediately replaced it, of course, & we decided to "christen" it by getting some Magnetic Poetry tiles for it. We ended up buying 3 sets - Original, Shakespearean, & Romantic. These were put up on the fridge amidst our regular magnets - souvenirs, decorations, & the obligatory ones with pizza place phone numbers on them! We invited visiting friends & family to feel free to make poems if the muse so struck them.

Over the years we've added additional sets of words. Two years in a row I had Magnetic Poetry calendars that came with their own mini-sets of words - all calendar-themed with words like "winter" & "rain," among others. When we moved, we photographed all the poems before packing up the words, then we put the words up on the new fridge for future poems to occur.

As I have time, I am going to share those poems with you here. This is the very first poem we put together with our Magnetic Poetry set. It also used one Disney character magnet (you can probably guess which one). Enjoy!

Honey Pooh Fluff

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