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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Soloist

Based on a book, The Soloist is the true story of Nathaniel Ayers - a talented musician whose mental struggles have left him living in the streets - and Steve Lopez - the LA Times reporter who saw the music of his story. One chance encounter sets things in motion. Lopez is drawn to Ayers first simply as a byline, but Ayers in turn is drawn to Lopez, seeing him as something of a savior, protector, and lifeline. Through their friendship, both men become something more than who they were in the beginning.

I had heard good things about this film, so when it showed up on HBO, we watched it one evening. The acting is great, the music is beautiful, and the story is very moving - although somewhat difficult to follow. Like life, there isn't a total resolution - lots of plot lines are not neatly tied-up for the viewer by the end of the movie - but it is based on a true story, which is still ongoing. All in all, this was a nice little film about intriguing characters.

Sorry, moms, I think it's too intense for you, though.

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