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Monday, October 26, 2009


Whenever people ask me (or I get one of those "getting to know you" e-surveys) I say that my favorite season is Spring. And it is. The weather is usually mild and pleasant, I love to see all the flowers that bloom, it starts staying light longer, and my birthday is in the spring.

But Fall is a close second and constantly makes a play for my affection. The weather could usually be better (cold, windy, rain), but the colors are marvelous! Just this past weekend the trees popped into full brilliance with some amazing reds and oranges. The weather here in NC hasn't been all that bad either, actually. And even in Ohio there is something about a crisp afternoon/evening and the smell of wood smoke in the air and maybe some church bells tolling in the distance....

Hmm, I think I really am Seasonally Affected. :-)

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