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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

Just over 19 years ago, Bruce and I met at Steve's and Pamela's wedding reception. Most of you already know the story - he was the best man (and darned cute in his tux!) and I was my friend Meredith's guest because she was dating Pamela's brother and he was already in the wedding party - but you probably didn't know this little bit of what happened next.

During the conversation at the reception, it came up that Bruce had never seen Buckaroo Banzai. To which Meredith and I replied, "come on!" And, as soon as it was acceptable etiquette to leave the reception, we all went over to Meredith's house and watched the movie on tape. I think most of you also know that from that first meeting on Bruce and I were pretty much inseparable. We met on September 1st, 1990 and began dating on September 2nd.

Anyway, yesterday, I was reading the local movie listings online and saw that Buckaroo was playing in a special one-night showing at a local art house cinema! I instant messaged Bruce who replied, "Wasn't that the first movie we ever saw together?" From there, we decided that it would be a darned romantic way to spend the evening, so I skipped choir practice and we went to the movies!

Such fun!! The theater was pretty full. Most of the people there had seen the movie before, but a few (like the lady in front of us) hadn't. This cinema does a series called Cool Classics where they've been showing a classic movie every month over the summer (too bad I missed Labyrinth last month!). When we walked in they were actually playing the soundtrack from Buckaroo as the in-house music! Even more fun, they ran period previews before the film! We saw the trailers for War Games, Grandview USA, and Solarbabies. Ah, 80's cinema.... (Everyone in the theater had a moment of sighing, tributary silence during the preview for Grandview USA when Patrick Swayze came on the screen.)

Then it was time for Buckaroo Banzai...born of an American mother and a Japanese father...a brilliant neurosurgeon and rock star.... Why is there a watermelon there? ... Where are we going? Planet 10! When? Real soon!

Such a fun, fun night! :-)

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