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Sunday, June 8, 2008

A New Vacation Story

Just a scant few days after returning from Ohio, we were back on the road. We headed up to Virginia Beach to spend Memorial Weekend with the Rickards. A few months ago Kris had stopped in on her way back from buying a new dog from a breeding farm in South Carolina, but we hadn't seen the rest of the family since Thanksgiving. We enjoyed catching up with Kevin and Raechel, as well as Kris, and seeing how much Sully (the new dog) had grown since we met him as a puppy just a couple months ago.

We had a great weekend doing what we always do - eating, drinking, playing cards, and laughing a lot! At one point, Kris and I got the giggles for no apparent reason except that we had them and that in and of itself was so funny that we laughed ourselves silly for about 10 minutes - oh the things that happen when you've been playing cards with dear friends until the wee hours of the morning! In addition to that good stuff, Kris prepared a holiday cook-out with hamburgs and hot dogs and all that traditional yumminess (Kevin cooked them to perfection). Plus, Dave and Morrie and their kids, as well as Rae's friend Vince and his mom, came over to join the festivities.

It was terrific to spend the holiday having fun with folks we love.

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